Update on My Hip Dysplasia & Surgery

Update on My Hip Dysplasia & Surgery | Breezing Through Update on My Hip Dysplasia & Surgery | Breezing Through Update on My Hip Dysplasia & Surgery | Breezing Through Update on My Hip Dysplasia & Surgery | Breezing Through

Hip Dysplasia | Why I Needed Surgery

I have experienced severe hip and back pain since 2011. It became so bad that year that I was struggling to walk. I was still in college and went to see the Orthopedist that also worked with the university’s athletes. After a number of cortisone injections, physical therapy, and many appointments, we were able to manage my pain. No more basketball. No more dancing. Only low impact activities. I was frustrated. I was so young yet I had to manage my life like I was in my 70s. But I knew that I had to keep the pain at bay, so I did it.

After to moving back to Virginia, my pain returned in 2014. It was nothing like it had been 3 years earlier but I was not going to wait as long as I had the last time. I decided to be proactive. I went to see the surgeon who had replaced both of my grandmother’s hips. He examined me and told me to do a number of at home exercises to help with the pain and to keep up doing yoga. He told me that I had an underdeveloped hip that would need replacing before Paris needed hers’ replaced.

After another 3 years of doing the prescribed exercises and yoga, the pain returned. This time though, I had carried and delivered a baby. Pregnancy can change the alignment of your hips and pelvis. This time I knew that waiting any length of time to see my doctor was ill advised. I was able to schedule an appointment for the following week. I had a lot of anxiety about this appointment, but hoped that I would be given another cortisone injection and sent on my way. This was not the case. I was told by my doctor that he was unable to help with the issues that I had. I would need to see a specialist and possibly have surgery. There are only 4 facilities on the East Coast that specialize in what my problem was. I was devastated. At 26 years old, I couldn’t believe that this was the only course of action. I was a new mom. I was active. I would have to travel to see a specialist and then if I needed surgery, I would have to travel to them again for the surgery. It would be complicated.

I did my research. I found a doctor at Duke Hospital that specialized in my issue. I then waited a week. I was anxious. I didn’t really want to know what they had to say but I knew that I couldn’t just ignore what was going on. I am a mom now, after all. So I called and made an appointment. Luckily, we were already going to the beach for Thanksgiving this year. The doctor’s office was only an hour out of the way and the appointment was for the Thursday before Thanksgiving. They also happened to take my insurance.

I found out at this appointment that I would need to have surgery for hip dysplasia. This means that the doctor would have to go in and essentially cut out my hip socket and then move it. It requires 10 weeks on crutches, and then phasing off to one crutch and then to a cain. It also requires that for the first 2-3 weeks, I can’t hold Jackie, at all. And then it will take 2-3 MONTHS before I can pick her up or carry her. For me that is the hardest part.

A week ago today, I had surgery. I was nervous, excited, anxious and a million other things. I plan on keeping you all updated through this process so you can see how it all goes! Watch the video below to find out more about the surgery, my diagnosis and my prognosis.

Hip Dysplasia | How The Surgery Went

I meant to have this blog post up the day of my surgery, but that clearly didn’t go as planned. So I am going to share how the surgery went and how I am doing 1 week out!

The surgery went better than even the doctor thought would. They originally thought I had a torn labrum, the cartilage in your hip joint, based on the amount of pain I was in. When they got int there, I didn’t have that, but it was close to that happening. So the doctor only needed to put in a few stitches to make sure the labrum doesn’t tare in the future. Because of this, the doctor said that I was able to hold Jackie!

I spent a total of 4 days in the hospital. The first day was hard because I was coming out of anesthesia and very out of it. The next day was better and I even got out of bed! Each day got better and better and I was ready to go home 2 days early, which we were all thrilled about. I was able to get up and walk around and go up and downstairs. The drive home was fine and I was able to get settled into my parent’s house on Saturday evening. And that is where I have been since.


Hip Dysplasia | Recovery 1 Week Out

Being a week out from surgery, I feel like I am in a really good place. I spend most mornings in bed but I have made my way downstairs by 11 am. I am then downstairs for the rest of the day. I get up, walk around, eat. I am just not allowed to pick up or carry Jackie. And also can’t bend down, I can’t bend smaller than a 100 degree angle. But I can hold Jackie! Luckily she is so busy, she could care less that I can’t hold her. She is very close with my parents so that helps when it comes to taking care of her.

I have all sorts of cool, fun toys that I use to help with my recovery. I am working on a blog post to talk about all of those. Watch the video below to learn more about the surgery!

Hip Dysplasia | Watch the Video

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