Henri Bendel Convertible Backpack

I found this bag online around Christmas time. Henri Bendel was doing a sale and I got a 20% discount for joing their email list, so the bag was a really good deal. I loved the thought of having a bag that could be a shoulder bag, an arm back, a cross-body bag and a backpack all in one.

Henri Bendel Bag | Breezing Through 3

Henri Bendel Bag | Breezing Through 4

This bag is surprising massive! I was able to fit a pair of shoes, my camera, laptop, travel wallet, phone and a few other necessary things in it without a problem. I loved that I was able to travel with my purse on my back and only have to worry about my suitcase. When I had to go into a meeting, I just switched the straps and made it into a cross-body bag.

The bag is nylon so it cleans easily. I dropped it in a puddle in Nantes and I just wiped off the water and you can’t even tell!

The bag comes in a number of colors, but I love the red since it goes with everything. Thanks for reading!

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