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Planner Folio//Pen//Tumbler//Planner//Stapler//Tape Dispenser

My life is a balancing act. I have to make sure that I am ready for the start of each week and that my life is organized. This does not always happen but when it does, I feel like I get so much more done and I am more productive with the time I do have. After learning about my ADHD, I discovered that I work best when I make lists. I have to be able to write everything down so I can see it. Then I check it off when it is done. My planner is color coded by what the task is for. I recently bought this folio from kate spade new york and I am obsessed! Keep a planner on my desk at the office but I also need to keep a list of everything that needs to be done at home. So having this folio in my home office has made me keep better track of all of those things. On Sundays I try to plan out my outfits for the week as well as everything I need to do. Everything is written down and any documents, bills, receipts are put next to the folio so I know exactly where they are. Hopefully this is helpful for any of you that are looking for a away to get organized.

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