Five Things I Never Leave the House Without

I am one of those women that carries a giant purse that is always full. I feel like it’s best to be prepared even when you are just going to the grab a gallon of milk. Part of this stems from some life experience when I needed band aids, a flash light or some Clorox wipes. The rest is just training from Paris. Here are five things I never leave the house without, that you can take on an airplane. I have linked them all so you can find them and buy them yourself!

Five Things I Never Leave the House Without | Breezing Through

Flashlight: you never know when you may need a flashlight. I use this guy on a regular basis and I am always glad I have it. This flashlight is a decent size but fits into the little Kate Spade wristlet easily.

Screw Driver: I am always using this one! Sometimes I have to fix a screw on the handle of a suitcase or I use the flathead tip as a lever to open something.

First Aid Kit filled with bandaids: if you know me IRL, you know I’m a major klutz. I’m always covered in cuts and bruises, and most of the time I don’t know where they came from. I learned in high school that I needed to always have bandaids on hand. I don’t personally need them as much as I used but there have been lots of times on a trip when I have used them for other people. It’s always good to be prepared.

Tide Stick: again I am a klutz. I am an adult but we all spill things and sometimes those things won’t come out with soda water. This tide stick as saved me several times before walking into a meeting.

Clorox Wipes: these are critical. You never know what is on the table you are sitting at when you’re sitting outside at the mall. I also use these when I get on an airplane…you never know!
These are only a few things I keep with me at all times! Do you carry certain things with you wherever you go?

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