Finding the Perfect Weekender Bag

Finding the Perfect Weekender Bag | Breezing Through

Finding the perfect weekender bag can be a little daunting. It took me a long time to finally find the right one for me, I used an old duffle bag from high school for a long time. It worked for what I needed but man was it ugly! So today I want to share some of my tips to finding the perfect weekender bag for you!

1) Figure out how much space you require. You are going to be using this bag for overnights, quick weekend trips and maybe even a carryon. You need to be able to fit everything you want into it without breaking your bag!

2) Look for a bag that cleans easily! There are some really cute bags out there, but not all of them are stain resistant. This bag is going to be in and out of cars, on the floor and who knows where else. Make sure you buy a material that is either washable or something you can spot clean. Nylon is good

3) Make sure you have several strap options. You will need to carry this bag around quite a bit so you want to be able to give the straps a break when you can. Cross-body straps are a must in my book!

4) Go for something fun! This bag is like any other accessory really. You want to love it and use it!

I finally found the perfect bag for me last summer. I use it all of the time, including my trip this weekend. Here are some other bags that I am loving!

Finding The Perfect Weekender Bag | Breezing ThroughFinding the Perfect Weekender Bag | Breezing ThroughFinding the Perfect Weekender Bag | Breezing Through

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