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After our car was taken to the facility where the damage would be evaluated, we had to get a rental car. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we were forced to rent from Hertz. Not only did Hertz charge us more money then they quoted us on their website but they also charged extra because I am under 25! This is a normal rental car charge but we had been told by USAA that through their arrangement with Hertz, that fee would be waived. Hertz did not comply with that.

It took a full week for our car to be evaluated. Even though the air bags had been deployed, they wanted to spend $4,500 fixing the car. This wasn’t acceptable so we decided to find a place that would by the car as is. We found one that came and picked up the car from the facility it was being stored at. They paid us a fair amount and between that money and the insurance money, we got almost the Kelly Blue Book amount for the car! It was really sad to watch the Jeep go!

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We were then carless and only a few weeks away from moving back to Virginia. We needed a car and we needed it fast! So I hoped on a train and headed back up to Virginia to start the car hunt!

My dad spent almost a full week going all over the DC area looking at cars. I sat down and counted and we looked at a total of 13 cars. Some were smoked in, others smelled like dog, and some had been in serious accidents. Finally I found a BMW X5 in Pennsylvania that seemed to be the right car. It was a 5-speed manual transmission and appeared to be in good condition. I called the Husband and we decided it was the right car to buy. I love our new car!

Finding a New Car | Breezing Through Finding a New Car | Breezing Through Finding a New Car | Breezing Through Finding a New Car | Breezing Through


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  1. October 17, 2014 / 1:56 pm

    I am sorry to hear about you Jeep, but excited you found and got a car you love! Congratulations on the buy.

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