Favorite Third Trimester Clothes

Here are all of my Favorite Third Trimester Clothes. I think dressing the bump in the third trimester was the most challenging. I finally really had a baby bump this trimester, but a lot of the pants I bought early on stopped fitting around 32-33 weeks. So I really had to improvise on what I wore!


Good shoes were so important during my entire pregnancy. I loved the ones I ended up buying, especially the blush Sam Edleman pair. I feel like I did sacrifice wearing my cute winter boots and booties because of this pregnancy,but when my feet started to swell at 36 weeks, I was so glad I had the shoes I did!


Finding The Right Shoes

Traveling When Pregnant-10

Traveling While Pregnant

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February Instagram Round Up


Luckily, I was able to wear the majority of the tops I had bought earlier in this pregnancy. The weather here was really weird this winter so I would wear a sweater one day and a t-shirt the next. A lot of these tops are from H&M, and they were great.

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February Instagram Round Up

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February Instagram Round Up

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February Instagram Round Up


As I mentioned, pants got complicated around 32 weeks. Luckily I had found these cute joggers from H&M that come in both pink and black. I pretty much lived in those. I did have one pair of jeans that still fit and some leggings so I was able to make it work.

Traveling When Pregnant-6

Traveling While Pregnant

Adding a Little Extra To Your Basics-6

Adding A Little Extra To Your Basics


Dresses were the easiest thing for me to wear this trimester. They were the comfiest and I luckily have a few that are stretchy! The pink maxi dress is the one I think I wore the most and I got tons of compliments on it!


LuLaRoe with Hana Matkin & A Giveaway

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Celebrating Valentines Day-1

Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Maternity Conference Wear-9

Maternity Conference Wear

Maternity Conference Wear-1

Maternity Conference Wear

Brulla Girl-7

Pretty in Pink

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