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Bow Holder

Bow Holder

Bow Holder

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I shared Jackie’s nursery on Wednesday. One of my favorite things in her nursery is the bow holder. I saw something like this on someone’s Instagram Story. That one was a little different, the draw pulls were screwed directly into the wall. I decided that I didn’t want to fill those holes when we moved and I wanted to be able to easily move it when we did move. This is one of the easiest DIY projects I have done.


Wood Trim- my piece is 4 feet long. I think the longest you can reasonably make it is 6 feet.

White Spray Paint

Draw Pulls (the number of drawer pulls depends on how long your piece of trim is)

2 Wall Brackets

Clothes Pins (Pink & Gold)

Strong or Twine


1. Spray white paint on trim in light coats. I did 4 coats to make sure there was enough coverage.

2. Attached wall hooks to back of trim. You want to do this before you put the drawer pulls on because there won’t be anything on the front side of the trim.

3. Using a drill, make holes where you want the drawer pulls to go. These holes should be a little smaller than the size of the drawer pull screws so that they stay in.

4. Braid the string or twine so that you can hang it between the drawer pulls.

5. Using the clothes pins, hang the bows.

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