Comfy Clothes Post Surgery

 Comfy Clothes Post Surgery | Breezing Through

Comfy Clothes Post Surgery | Why This Matters

This post is actually a request from Instagram. I have been posting some of the items I have been wearing there but I took a poll on Instagram Stories to see if anyone was interested. And 90% of readers wanted this. So, I am sharing my favorite comfy clothes post surgery.

I did a bit of shopping before surgery, not knowing what I needed. So the majority of shopping post surgery. I really wish I had prepped before hand so I wasn’t trying to figure it out later. But at the same time, I didn’t exactly know what to get. Looking back now, I needed tee shirts, cardigans, comfy sweaters and loose pants.


Comfy Clothes Post Surgery | Tops & Sweaters

Sweaters and t shirts are usually easier to shop for. Nordstrom and Asos are always good options for tops and sweaters. I did find a few other smaller shops that have some great pieces too.

I will say that some of my favorites are from Poppy & Dot. You can use my code BREEZINGTHROUGH10 for 10% off your order from them. The code works on both their Instagram and their website. I love this one and this one for Valentine’s Day. I wore this one for my last post-op appointment and it was incredibly comfortable. This one and this one are perfect for days when I am not feeling the best and I need something cozy but cute to wear.

My other obsession for tops post surgery has been the Rachel Parcell Every Day Collection. I love that the pieces are affordable and really cute. I loved this cardigan so much that I ended up buying it in a second color. This sweater is great for days when I am going out (which happens about once a week) and this one is great for cold winter days.




Comfy Clothes Post Surgery | Pants

I knew that I was going to need looser pants but I didn’t realize how many of them I would need. I have a lot of skinny jeans and pants and since my larger incision comes up above my hip bone, those pants weren’t going to work. In addition to that, because the incision comes up into my abdomen, I have swelling in my torso. The swelling can last for up to 3 months. So far most of it has come down but there is still some there. So joggers were the best option. I wanted something that I could wear that would also look put together.

My absolute favorite pair of joggers is from Albion Fit. They are comfy, the fabric is AMAZING, and they look the least like sweatpants. I have also found a lot of really cute, and inexpensive, joggers on You can read all about how much I love Jane here.



Comfy Clothes Post Surgery | Slippers & Shoes

This is probably one of the bigger deals for me. I have to wear compression tights to make sure I don’t get blood clots. They are incredibly annoying but they also come down around my feet, making walking a little slippery. My parents have hard wood floors and I was a klutz before I had surgery. So I have been VERY picky about my slippers.

I bought these slippers before the surgery and I fell in love so I bought a second color. They are soft and cozy and have traction on the bottom, this has been key! I have also been able to wear them with boots when I needed to. I also bought these before the surgery and they are great for going in and out of the house and days when I am on my feet a lot.

I spent a lot of time before surgery trying to find a pair of boots that I would be able to get on and off easily. I originally couldn’t put a lot of pressure on my right foot so I needed something that someone else could help me with as well. I ordered 6 pairs, not kidding, of Uggs and tried them all on. This pair was the best. They have withstood rain, snow, sleet, and a klutzy patient. They are the only shoes I have worn for the last month. I definitely made the right choice!




Comfy Clothes Post Surgery | What’s Next

My goal is to start switching up the outfits a bit and throwing in some jumpsuits. I starting really wearing jumpsuits in the Fall and fell in love. This one and this one (more expensive but worth EVERY penny) are my all time favorites. They are incredibly comfortable and I may be buying them in more colors. This one looks incredibly cozy and this one is perfect for dressing up and going out.

I never thought I would wear overalls again. I stopped wearing them when I was 4. But I found these on Poppy & Dot and I really wanted to try them. I bought the dark wash and I really like them. They are perfect for transitioning back to pants without going too overboard. I love them in black too!



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