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I love decorating for Christmas. I really start at the beginning of November because I like enjoying our tree for as long as possible. We usually go out of town around Christmas for more than a week so I feel like I deserve the extra time with our tree. This year, I tried to really make sure that everything we had was something I loved. All of the ornaments on our tree are special. I have been getting ornaments from my parents for Christmas every year since I was born, so I had two boxes full when we got married! In the four years The Husband and I have been married, we have gotten a few more ornaments and they too have been added to the tree. I love that each piece has a special meaning and I think it makes our tree that much more meaningful.

Our smaller tree was something my mom gave me when I was in college. She wanted to make sure that I had a little piece of home with me when I was away. I found these Mickey Mouse ornaments when we were at Disney World a few years ago and knew they just had to be on the tree.

This is the first year we have had stockings. My family never used stockings, we follow the German tradition and use plates. But when I was at Target and I came across this mini stocking that matched the bigger stockings, I lost it. I had to have them. Therefore, I had to have stocking holders too! I actually kind of love having them on this ledge (that we never know what to do with because it is in the weirdest place). I can see them from the kitchen and right when I walk into our place.

A lot of our decorations are from either my travels or my parent’s travels. I love that everything is unique and most people don’t have anything like it. The two wreaths are ones that I have made in the last few years and will occasionally sell to friends and family.

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