Boscolo Exedra Nice

Not all Boscolo Exedra Signature hotels are created equal. We checked into the Boscolo Exedra Nice directly from the fabulous Boscolo Exedra Rome experience.

Before I go any further, let me say that the staff members at the Boscolo Exedra Nice were all friendly, professional, and well trained. The facility was clean and for the most part well maintained.

Breakfast was well done every morning and the Nice Boscolo even had a gluten-free section which the Rome Boscolo did not have. Plus Plus.

However, unlike anything I have ever experienced, including small cruise ship cabins, the Boscolo Exedra Nice was like stepping into an attempt at a ‘trendy’ fish bowl.

The room we stayed in is not designed for two people. There is no adequate space for personal storage. It only had the open hanging (shown), a flat surface (if your hanging doesn’t interfere—ours did) and one shallow drawer. There’s a curtain to cover it all — making passage through the room quite difficult and making the room visually smaller.Boscolo Exedra Nice | Breezing Through

Now let’s talk about the bathroom. The shower is next to the bed, with clear glass walls on two sides and no wall on the third side making the entire room a very wet sauna whenever anyone showers. (It also made bathing especially inconvenient if the two people were on different morning schedules because you either showered in the dark to not wake the other person or all the lights went on.)

AND — Every shower meant the entire room was a steamy, wet mess.

Boscolo Exedra Nice | Breezing Through

The sink is also in the room. Most of the sink space is taken by the abundance of bathing supplies—16 different beauty treatments for your enjoyment. There is a trendy glass-top drawer with their supplies taking all the space inside. Maybe some overcompensating going on here…

Boscolo Exedra Nice | Breezing Through Boscolo Exedra Nice | Breezing Through

Any useable storage space in the entire room is taken by the Boscolo mini bar, in room dining menus, guides to downtown, towels, robes, candles, and bath products. There is a plethora of bath products.

I did a sweep of the room, which took a while, moving all of their “extras” to the windowsill so that there was some chance of living and working in the space for three days.

I can hear many saying “why is she complaining, she is in a beautiful beach town on the Cote d’ Azur in Nice?” I will tell you why. The hotel is not close to the beach. It is in the center of town close to the convention center where we were attending a conference.

The hotel is located in a beautiful neighborhood in the center of the city. It is within walking distance of the convention center. I did walk one beautiful day to the convention center.

Boscolo Exedra Nice | Breezing Through Boscolo Exedra Nice | Breezing Through

The Boscolo is a newly acquired Marriott brand. As business travelers attending an international conference, there is an expectation that we can check into a luxury Marriott Brand (paying luxury prices in the middle of a city) and get, at the very least, a private bathroom. Even a cruise ship cabin has a door to the bathroom.

I have been married 31 years. We have been business owners for 14 years.   I do not think that I have set my expectations too high. When I check in to an elite Marriott brand hotel, at the very least I should have a private bathroom with a door.

The hotel room experience at the Boscolo Exedra Nice was entirely unacceptable. If we had not been so busy working (the conference went from 8 am to 8 pm daily) we wound not have stayed there. The next stay in Nice will be at another hotel.

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  1. May 27, 2015 / 1:38 pm

    That is the oddest shower set-up I’ve ever seen.

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