A few weeks ago a stumbled across this company called Blacklane on Instagram.  They are a car service company that is in cities all over the world. The really nice thing about them is that you can schedule a pick up months in advance and provide your flight information so a driver can pick you up at the airport based on when your flight actually lands (not when it is scheduled to!). I did a little bit of research and we decided to try them out in Warsaw for our airport transfers. I scheduled our pick ups and chose what kind of car we wanted/needed. You can either choose Business Class or First Class. There is also a Business Class option to be picked up in a larger car if you have more people and/or baggage. Once I chose our cars, I plugged in the flight and payment information and was done. The way Blacklane works is a bit like Uber. You give your payment information in advance and you are charged after the ride. Everything is covered in the payment-taxes, fees, VATs and tips.

My mom and I were picked up at the Warsaw Airport in this car. Our driver was waiting outside of baggage claim and had a sign with our names on it. He took our bags to the car and loaded them in. The car was very comfortable and there was water waiting for us. The driver was very nice and gave us a few recommendations of things we should do in Warsaw and places to eat.

Blacklane | Breezing Through Blacklane | Breezing Through Blacklane | Breezing Through Blacklane | Breezing Through


So far, our company has used Blacklane a total of 7 times. Every single one of those times, we loved it! The prices are fair and it is very nice to not have to worry about paying the driver. I get a receipt emailed to me after every ride. We actually love them so much, we have decided that we will use them exclusively in the future for our company and conference transportation needs.

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