Bartolucci Rome

We happened into a tiny shop just passed the Pantheon called Bartolucci, a charming store of hand crafted children’s toys and gifts.

Bartolucci Rome | Breezing Through

You are greeted by a smiling, cycling Pinocchio. The craftsmanship is stunning.

Since 1936 the Bartolucci family specialized in crafting wood accordions.

Bartolucci Rome | Breezing Through

In 1981 Francesco Bartolucci created the first of the family’s wood carved Pinocchio’s.  This was the beginning of an new adventure for the family name and tradition.

Bartolucci Rome | Breezing Through

The drive for quality and family talent moved them to create an entire new line of wonderful imagination. Today, the Bartolucci family holds the artisan license to manufacture the original Pinocchio figurine from the Collodi novel.


Bartolucci Rome | Breezing Through

But they go way beyond manufacturing Pinocchio and beloved characters from Collodi’s novel.


Bartolucci Rome | Breezing Through

Their shop was delightful.   It is so easy to immerse yourself in the artistry and imagination of their creations.  They have shields and swords built for creative play or decoration.

Bartolucci Rome | Breezing Through

There are chunky puzzles of animal families (monkeys or elephants or turtles and more) for little hands. Clocks, wall hangings, clothes racks, Christmas ornaments, picture frames, not to mention the dolls and cut out wood stands, cars, rocking horses, and so much more. The full size car and motorcycle in the center of the store are so impressive.

Bartolucci Rome | Breezing Through Bartolucci Rome | Breezing Through

Hand made in Italy is a rare sign of quality guaranteed by this family-owned company. You can visit their website for your own personal shopping trip at Or if you are traveling, you may just trip over one of their shops. Investigating their website to find where their stores are located was a fascinating adventure in itself. Their influence is worldwide. Soon they will have a store in Miami, Florida.




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