Baby Shower Hostess Gifts

Baby Shower Hostess Gifts

I have been so blessed by the amazing people in my life, the baby showers have been incredible!

As a thank you to the wonderful women who threw/will be throwing these showers, I put together some thank you hostess gifts. I wanted to give them something I knew they would use but also something unique that they could identify as the thank you for hosting the shower. I don’t drink alcohol for religious and personal reasons and many of the women who threw/will be throwing these showers don’t drink either. So I had to be pretty creative.

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Movie Night Gift Basket

I loved this idea. It’s is something you can give that won’t be thrown away and won’t take up space somewhere. It is something your hostess can use and will be able to take an evening for themseleves and significant other to just relax. I chose candy I knew this hostess would like and included a cute bucket for the popcorn!

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Spa Day Gift Basket

Who doesn’t love a spa day!? Especially when you can pamper yourself at home. I found all of these things at Target and it can be easily replicated. I love the bag of bath bombs because it is easy to use for multiple gifts. These face masks are great too!

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