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If you live in the Northern Virginia Area and you don’t know about One Loudoun, you either don’t have the time to drive all the way out to Ashburn or you live under a rock. The Husband and I love One Loudoun. It is really close to where we live and has lots of restaurants and The Alamo, which is the best movie theater on the planet.

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Since One Loudoun is still being developed, there are new restaurants popping up all of the time. One of the newer ones is b One Loudoun. We went with my parents a few months ago but decided to go back so I could review it here on the blog.

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We went on a Saturday night around 6 pm. They told us it would be about a 25 minute wait and asked for my phone number so they could text me when our table was ready. I love this concept. You can actually leave the restaurant and go walk around without having to worry about being out of range if you have a buzzer. We only waited about 10 minutes before we got the text.

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I love the atmosphere of this place. It’s incredibly busy but really laid back. One of the great things about this place is that the majority of the menu can be gluten free! Be sure to ask for a gluten free menu when you are seated. I ordered the hand crafted lemonade, which is delicious. After a lot of flip flopping I went with the West Coast burger on a gluten free bun. A beef burger patty with avocado, and fried egg makes this a heart attack on a plate, but a delicious one. I opted to stick with their fancy fries (code for regular fries). The Husband got the Mini Burgers, which is actually an appetizer, with the parmesan fries (also delicious).

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We of course finished our dinner off with the gluten free B Cup for dessert. This is basically a flourless chocolate cake with a whipped cream filling.

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Highly recommended.

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