Apps for Event Planners – Updated 

Back in October of 2014, I did a post on Apps for Event Planners (Or Just Busy People). At lot has changed since then so I decided I needed to do an updated post for you! These apps are great for just about anyone and make working on the go a lot easier too. Be sure to head over to my Instagram today, because I am giving away a voucher to use with one of these apps!


Evernote and I have a very on-again, off-again relationship. Sometimes I love Evernote, but when I get that awesome notification on my phone saying I’m out of storage, Evernote is always the first to go. I think this is changing though because of the IF app. I can upload pictures of all the business cards I get from events into Evernote and IF does the rest!


Smartsheet is the best thing ever. It’s perfect for a project manager and awesome for when your team isn’t always in the same place. Smartsheet allows you to put tasks into their system, assign them to people and add due dates. You can even add reminders so everyone receives an email when their task is almost due. I can add tasks from my phone, write notes in each task, attach files and approve finished tasks. It’s the best.


 I talked about this app last week in regards to using it as a blogging app. I tend to use it more for work in reality. I upload pictures of business cards into Evernote and IF uploads all of the information into a google spreadsheet. Then I can download the spreadsheet, make any edits I need to, then upload it into my conference contact database. No more hand typing 100 contacts into my database!! Yay!!


 I know there are a lot of OneDrive type of apps out there. I have used a lot of them. But I have discovered when it comes to big files that I need to access anywhere in the world, OneDrive does it best.


Apps for Event Planners - Updated  | Breezing Through

Oh Skype. Again, there are a lot of apps like this out there. google voice is just one of them. But Skype does what I want, when I want, for how much I want. Surprisingly enough, I don’t have an international phone plane. Sounds crazy but it turns out you don’t really need one. With Internet, IMessage, and apps like Skype, I usually only have to buy a local SIM card and I’m set. I use Skype when I’m calling someone overseas or when I’m overseas and I’m calling anywhere else. When I was in Jordan there was a crisis with a payment being processed. I was up at 1 am local time talking to two companies on a conference call and Skype didn’t drop the call once.


 I’ve talked about Blacklane before. I am obsessed. This is the best car service out there. And their app is incredible. It is very similar to Uber, where you can schedule a ride based on your location. Be sure to check out my Instagram page today to win a $30 (€30 or £30) voucher to use with Blacklane!


 If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know I am not a fan of United. As an airline, they are one of the works. And they have been doing a lot of complaining because they have been losing a lot of their international business to middle eastern airlines. But, their mobile app is one of the better airline apps. You can track your flight, keep all of your boarding passes in one place, check on your miles, and purchase upgrades all in their app.


I love this app! This is one that Dan shared with me about a year ago and it is incredible handy. It is a list of all the countries in the world that shows you what kind of outlets you will find in each country. This makes finding and packing a lot easier.


If you haven’t heard about Prezi, you are living under a rock. Prezi is the better form of Microsoft PowerPoint. You can create any kind of presentation and stream it to people or you can put it in presentation mode and project it onto a screen.

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