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If you have been reading along for awhile or follow me on Instagram, you know the Husband and I moved recently. This was our seventh move in three years, crazy I know! We had spent the last few months living with my parents while we figured out where we would end up after the Husband finished law school. Once we figured that out, we started looking for an apartment. The last few times I have moved, it’s been to a smaller town or a college town, so finding a place to live was fairly easy. This time was a whole new ball game. Living in an area where there are lots of options actually makes finding a place to live harder, first world problem I know. We spent almost a month looking for a place and did a lot of research. I have been getting a lot of questions on how we found our apartment, so I wanted to share that with all of you!

I relied pretty heavily on apps when looking for an apartment. I was traveling a lot this summer so I didn’t always have time to go to apartments to look at them or sit down at my computer to do lots of research. So here are the 5 apps I used and what I thought about each one:

Apartment Hunting | Breezing Through

Trulia Rent

Turlia was a favorite. This app is easy to use and makes sorting through all of the options very easy. You can sort by location, # of bedrooms/bathrooms, price range, property type, crime rate, etc. I also really liked that  I could save all of my favorite apartments into one place so I could come back and find them later.

Apartment Finder

Apartment finder is one of the more generic apartment hunting apps. It is pretty simple to use but I felt like I was just using a mobile version of their website. There were not as many apartments listed on this app and there aren’t a lot of filter options.


I wish I had been able to use RadPad more. RadPad is very interactive and makes looking for an apartment kind of fun. You can message renters or landlords within the app, which makes keeping track of all the places you contacted a lot easier! You can also set up payments through RadPad to pay for your rent. So if your landlord doesn’t accept a credit card, you can pay your rent through RadPad via credit card, and they will send your landlord a certified check. Everyone wins!

Zwillow Rental

Zwillow is very similar to Trulia. You can search, filter and save to your hearts content. I did find that there were a lot more listings on this app than on some others. I also really liked that I could look for apartments within a zip code or city. That made finding the right apartment in the right area a lot easier.


Rent.com is a easy app to use but I felt like there weren’t as many listings on it. They had a lot of apartment complexes owned by big companies listed

Hopefully this was helpful! I kept all of these apps on my phone all summer and would check them almost every day. Rent prices change daily (WTF) so it can be tricky finding the right place at the right time!

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  1. September 28, 2015 / 1:37 pm

    Man, seven times in three years? And I thought my family moved a lot!

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