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Dress: Shop Plain Jane//Jacket: Old (similar)//Necklace: Kendra Scott//Necklace: Made By Mary//Shoes: Old Navy//Sunglass: Coach//Stroller: Uppababy//Car Seat: Uppababy//Diaper Bag: kate spade new york//Jackie’s onesie: Target

I was not very good about keeping you all updated about how I was dealing with my ADD during my pregnancy, and I am sorry! So I am going to give you an update on my ADD Post Pregnancy.

First, let’s talk about this dress. This is the comfiest dress I now own. It is from Shop Plain Jane and I need it in every color. It’s the perfect “mom” dress. It’s comfy and stretchy in all of the right places but I look really put together when I wear it. I have worn it every week since I got it, I wash it as soon as I have worn it so I can wear it again! I have been able to get a discount code for Breezing Through readers! Use the code breezingthrough for free shipping on your order (US orders only!).

The last few months of the pregnancy, my anxiety was really high. I would wake up in the middle of the night and freak out about things I had no control over or things that I was able to take care of in less than an hour. When I was 36 weeks along, the doctors were worried about Jackie’s growth because I was not measuring at 36 weeks. So they sent me to have an ultrasound done to make sure she was ok. This would give any soon to be mom anxiety. Because I was unmedicated, I fell apart. While I knew that everything was fine, I couldn’t help but think about all of the things that might be wrong and what I could have done to prevent them. The ultrasound showed that everything was fine and Jackie’s growth was fine. But those few hours of dealing with my anxiety was just more proof to me that I needed to be back on my meds ASAP.

Once Jackie was born, I thought that the anxiety would dissipate and I would go back to my normal level of day to day anxiety that I had pre-pregnancy. Oh how wrong I was! I couldn’t put her to bed at night without crying. I was constantly checking the baby monitor to make sure she was sleeping. There is a normal level of anxiety that comes with being a first time parent. But my anxiety was a lot higher than was probably healthy. So a few days after coming home from the hospital, I started taking the 4 hour release of my meds again. There was a huge difference. I don’t freak out over every tiny little thing. I have even left Jackie with my mom for a few hours while I napped and another time when The Husband and I went out on a date night with my cousin and her husband.

Being back on my meds, even if it is just a few 4 hour releases a day, has made a huge difference in the kind of mom I am. I can focus on what Jackie needs instead of what I need to feel better about her safety. I know when she is hungry or tired and what faces she makes when it is time for a diaper change. By reducing my anxiety, I am able to be in tune with her and with myself. I had also been ignoring my body and what I needed to heal. I thought I would bounce back really quickly and everything would be fine. No one really prepares you for how long the recovery process of child birth is, especially after your first child. I am now 7 weeks post delivery and I am much more in tune with what my body needs when I am on my meds. I started taking the 12 hour releases again last week and I am so glad that I did! I am back to my usual self and I feel like I can get everything done I need to each day.

Hopefully this helps anyone else out there who is struggling with a similar issue! Let me know if you have any questions, I am always happy to give more information.

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