Accessorizing Around a Statement Necklace

Accessorizing Around a Statement Necklace | Breezing Through

A statement necklace can make an entire outfit. Picking your other accessories to go with a statement necklace can be a challenge. I usually have 3 different ways I do this:

  1. Simple outfit, with just a statement necklace- I love doing a simple outfit, usually with layers that I add a big statement necklace to. It is a great way to wear a statement necklace without being to overdone. I love the way this looks. A great statement necklace can make a regular sweater and pants look very put together. All of the other jewelry I wear with this kind of outfit is simple. It is all about the necklace so I tone down the earrings, watch and bracelets to blend in with the rest of what I am wearing. 
    Photo Jan 19, 9 32 25 AM Photo Jan 19, 9 31 46 AM Photo Jan 19, 9 31 16 AM Photo Jan 19, 9 30 06 AM Photo Jan 19, 9 29 04 AM
  2. Statement necklace is part of the outfit- What exactly do I mean by this? Sometimes you can have so much going on in an outfit (patterns, colors, fabrics) that a statement necklace pulls it all together. I especially love to do this with different types of fabric that contrast with the necklace. I usually stick with simple earrings (studs) and go all out with the watches and bracelets with this kind of combination.
    Photo Jan 19, 9 31 36 AM Photo Jan 19, 9 31 09 AM Photo Jan 19, 9 30 59 AM Photo Jan 19, 9 30 49 AM Photo Jan 19, 9 29 59 AM
  3. Coordinate all of accessories & necklace- This is a really fun way to incorporate a lot of jewelry into one outfit. Sometimes when I am wearing a lot of one color, I will pick either a similar color or a contrasting color of jewelry and wear every piece in that color. I usually don’t try for the same shade just to mix things up as well. This is when I pull out the bigger and brighter bracelets and earrings to make the entire outfit pop.

Photo Jan 19, 9 31 25 AM Photo Jan 19, 9 30 29 AM Photo Jan 19, 9 29 39 AM

As always, thanks for reading! I am still in Europe on business but I will be back in town this weekend. This has been a fast trip so I will be ready for lots of sleep!

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