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Today I want to talk to you about Maskcara Beauty. Maskcara IIID Foundation is just what it sounds like. A foundation that gives your face the dimensions it deserves. Highlight, contour, blush and illuminator all in one layer. Nothing heavy or cakey. The founder, Cara, wanted a makeup that was easy to use but also brought the most dimension to the face. As a makeup artist, she could never find something that did what she wanted. So she created IIID Foundation.

With 11 highlight shades, 6 contour shades, 12 blush shades, and 3 illuminator shades, there is a color for everyone. Cara has dedicated this company to having options for women of all skin tones and she has succeeded.

About Maskcara Beauty | Why Direct Sales

At first, all sales were done online with each person picking their own colors or sending in a picture to the company for a long distance color match. As the company grew, Cara was approached by several large beauty companies who wanted to carry her product. While she was deciding who would be the main retailer, she learned of customers who were hosting parties in their homes, teaching their friends about her makeup. They weren’t doing this for money. They were just helping their friends. Cara decided that these women needed to be rewarded for what they were doing. And that more women would be exposed to her Maskcara Beauty products if it went through direct sales.

Cara didn’t want to be like other direct sales companies. So she took out the parts she didn’t like and kept the ones she loved. There are so many amazing things about the way Cara has set up the direct sales for Maskcara Beauty. I will be talking about about them next week!

As a Maskcara Independent Artist, I have the opportunity to help women feel beautiful. I get to help them find the perfect colors for them and teach them how to use the product.

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About Maskcara Beauty | I Want to Join

You want to become a Maskcara Independent Artist? You can email me at breezingthroughblog@gmail.com for more info or you can go to the Maskcara Beauty website to sign up right now. Enter my artist number 5091, I would love to have you on my team!


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