7 Things I Always Bring On A Plane

7 Things I Always Bring On A Plane | Breezing Through

I was inspired to write this post when I saw Samantha Brown’s post on her blog, 6 Things I Always Bring On A Plane. There are so many things I have brought on planes over the years, but these 7 are the ones that I take with me every time!


  1. Travel Blanket. Planes are always so cold and no matter what I wear or the season, I end up shivering. I love this Flight 001 Travel Blanket.  This blanket folds up so nicely so it can be a blanket or a pillow.
  2. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. My lips always get chapped on a plane with the air being so dry.I am obsessed with this Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment.  It smells so nice and it is some of the best lip balm I have every used. It also comes in a variety of other colors!
  3. kate spade new york wristlet with business cards. I keep a small wristlet with all of my business cards with me at all times. I never know when I am going to meet a potential client so I have to keep this little thing handy!
  4. kate spade new work travel wallet. This is not actually a travel wallet but I use it as one. I like using a small wallet when I travel so I can put it anywhere. I like having all of my credit cards and my ID on my person when I am flying.
  5. iPad mini. I don’t know what I did before my iPad. I love this thing. I can watch movies, work or work on my blog from pretty much anywhere, including in the air.
  6. iPhone with Mophie case. I can’t say enough about my Mophie case. I used to make fun of my mom for having one since it made her phone so heavy. But once I got one, I haven’t taken it off my phone. It is perfect for traveling since the battery on my phone can run down quickly with all the Facebooking and Instagramming between flights. With my Mophie case, I never miss the perfect Instagram picture!
  7. Fuzzy socks. I don’t go on any flight without these. I am always cold and I need something to keep my feet warm! They are so comfy for those longer flights too!

What do you always take on a plane?

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