7 Minute Face

7 Minute Face | Breezing Through

7 Minute Face | Product Details

Highlight: White Peach & Aura // Contour: Shadow // Blush: Nude // Illuminator: Honey // Eye Shadow: Sabrina, Cole, Bright Eyes, Mama, Finn // Setting Powder: Vanilla Dust // 30 Second HAC Brush // Detailed HAC Brush // I Shadow Everything Brush // B Squared Bronzer & Blush Brush // Power Powder Brush // The Multitasker Brush // IIID Perfecter Sponge // Marble Double Decker Compact


7 Minute Face | Breezing Through

7 Minute Face | Why You Should Care

I shared my Full Makeup Routine a few weeks ago but today I wanted to share how quickly I can put on my makeup. I did not speed up the video and this is how I do my makeup every day!

I work full time, I take care of Jackie full time, I blog 3 days a week and I am a Maskcara Independent Artist. That means that I am busy and I really don’t have time to spend on doing my makeup. That is why I LOVE Maskcara. I can do my entire face in 7 minutes. Can you say that about your makeup?


7 Minute Face | Where to Buy

You can find all of the products I used here. As I have talked about before, I am a Maskcara Independent Artist, which means that I receive a commission for every purchase. There are so many colors to choose from, so if you would like to be color matched, send me a message! You can read all about how to buy here.


f you have any questions, please email me breezingthroughblog@gmail.com. My artist number is 5091.


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