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How is my baby girl 1 month old already!?

She has progressed so much in the last month, I hardly know where to start! When we brought her home from the hospital, she was sleeping and eating really well. There is nothing like bringing your first baby home. The pure joy and panic mixed together is a very strange feeling. You are suddenly responsible for this tiny human that can’t communicate but needs constant attention. Through nannying and babysitting I have had a lot of exposure to babies so I was somewhat prepared but I was still not ready. We are blessed enough to live near a lot of family so we have had a lot of help.

Jackie is sleeping in four hour stretches and eating A TON! She is growing like crazy and has already moved from newborn to 0-3 month clothes. That was incredibly sad. Jackie is a very happy baby. She cries very little and when she does, she is easily soothed. Jackie loves to be held and is very cuddly. She has been smiling from the day she was born. She is now recognizing me and The Husband and it melts my heart when she smiles when she sees our faces.

The first few visits to the doctor have been reassuring when it comes to her progress. She is a little ahead on a few things. She is already turning to one side and can hold her neck up for long periods at a time. If you follow my Instagram, you might have seen an Instagram Story a few weeks ago. Jackie was not only holding her head up, she turned her head to look at the camera! Our doctor told us to just let her cord stump dry up and fall off. It took more than three weeks for this to happen! Of course we were a bit worried, but it turned out to be just fine.

Her first bath was not a disaster but she wasn’t thrilled about it. My cousin came to visit for a week when Jackie was 10 days old. We discovered during Jackie’s second bath tat she likes having the water running when she is in the bathtub. Knowing this has made subsequent baths a lot more fun.

The last two weeks, Jackie has been awake more and its been a lot of fun. She loves laying on the floor on one of her fuzzy blankets. She is reacting to sounds and light around her. Seeing the world through her eyes has been an amazing experience.

I will be doing a post like this every month from now until Jackie is (at least) a year old. It is mostly a way for my to keep track of how she is progressing but I figure I might as well include you all on my new adventure called motherhood as well!

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